Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere Agency’ Adventure: Linking Travelers with Global Gurus


Skyscanner's 'Everywhere Agency' Adventure
Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere Agency’ Adventure

Skyscanner, the travel genie of the internet, has unleashed its magic lamp in the form of the ‘Everywhere Agency’ campaign. This isn’t just your regular “pick a destination” ordeal; it’s a quest to connect you with travel wizards who’ve been around the globe more times than you’ve had hot dinners.

Who Are They?

Meet the Everywhere Agents, not your typical travel advisors. They’re a bunch of cool cats, seasoned globetrotters, and content creators who eat, sleep, and breathe travel. These aren’t your mom’s travel agents; they’re more like your travel BFFs. Their mission? To guide you through the travel maze, share insider tips, and make sure your vacation is as memorable as that time you tried to salsa dance and ended up doing the Macarena.

Data Insights

In the vast realm of travel, data reigns supreme. Skyscanner, armed with its digital telescope, spotted some stellar trends:

  • Wanderlust Surge: A 39% spike in Indians searching for overseas escapades, signaling a collective desire for passport stamps.
  • Decision Dilemma: 42% of travelers are stuck in a destination-selection quicksand, torn between beaches, mountains, or maybe a cozy cabin in the woods.
  • Tourist Fatigue: Despite Instagram’s best efforts, 95% of us are tired of seeing the Eiffel Tower. Been there, and scrolled that.
  • Wallet Worries: Booking anxiety hits home with 79% overwhelmed and 40% singing the budget blues.

The Everywhere Agency Campaign

Connecting Travellers with Everywhere Agents

Picture this: you, scratching your head over the world map, and then voila! The Everywhere Agency appears. These aren’t just experts; they’re the Gandalfs and Hermiones of the travel world, armed with insights to guide you. Skyscanner has recruited travel rockstars, aka Everywhere Agents. These cool cats share their experiences to help you overcome travel anxiety. Dive into the Everywhere Guide or get personal with a 1:1 virtual session. It’s like having a travel buddy who’s been everywhere, man!

Powered by ‘Everywhere’ Search

Ever wished for a button that could teleport you to the cheapest destination? Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ search is the closest thing. It’s like a cosmic GPS guiding you through the constellations of budget-friendly destinations.

Powered by ‘Everywhere’ Search

Ever tried Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ search? It’s like a magical travel wand. You can explore destinations sorted by price from thousands of sites, all in one place. It’s the most sought-after destination for us Indians, proving we’re up for an adventure no matter where it leads!

Everywhere Guide and FAQs

The Everywhere Guide is like having a friend who’s been everywhere, answering all your quirky questions. From “Where can I dance like nobody’s watching?” to “What’s the cheapest day to escape reality in March 2024?” – it’s got you covered.

Diverse Market, Renowned Everywhere Agents

India’s a diverse palette of travel tastes, and Skyscanner knows it. Enter Anunay Sood, our desi Everywhere Agent, a globetrotting maestro with tips to make your trips as spicy as biryani. And if that’s not enough, there’s Gunnar Garfors, who’s seen every country twice, probably more than your cat has seen your living room.

Words from Everywhere Agent Anunay Sood

Anunay Sood, our Indian travel whisperer, went from a corporate warrior to a globetrotter extraordinaire. His journey is like a Bollywood movie – minus the drama, add in some backpacking. With tips on budgeting and itinerary planning, he’s the bro you wish you had when planning your epic trip.

Meet the Everywhere Agents

Skyscanner's 'Everywhere Agency' Adventure
Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere Agency’ Adventure

Skyscanner didn’t just pick anyone off the street to be an Everywhere Agent. They’ve got Anunay Sood, a travel influencer who’s basically the James Bond of travel – 30 countries by 30? Shaken, not stirred. And let’s not forget Gunnar Garfors, who’s been to every country in the world twice. Is he secretly a wizard with a time-turner? We may never know.

But wait, there’s more! Renee Burns holds a world record for traveling to the most countries in a year, all while using a wheelchair. If that’s not superhero material, I don’t know what is. These agents aren’t just about ticking off countries; they’re here to sprinkle some travel magic on your next adventure.

Skyscanner’s Vision: Inspiring a Shift in Perspective

According to Mohit Joshi, the travel trends guru at Skyscanner, it’s not just about suggesting alternatives. It’s about nudging you out of your comfort zone and into a world of unexpected wonders. It’s like convincing your taste buds to try pineapple on pizza – initially confusing, ultimately delightful.

Get Inspired and Plan Your Trip!

Feeling the travel itch? Don’t scratch it; plan a getaway! Sign up for a 1:1 Everywhere Appointment on Skyscanner’s platform, where your journey begins with a virtual handshake from an Everywhere Agent.

What Drives Travel in India?

Peek behind the curtain of Indian travel preferences, and you’ll find a thirst for diverse cultural experiences. Fresh data from Skyscanner’s crystal ball – I mean, research – shows a 39% surge in overseas travel searches by Indians. It’s not just a trip; it’s a quest for that perfect Instagram photo that says, “I’m cultured AF.”

In case you missed it, Skyscanner dropped an India-specific travel trends report last October. Mohit Joshi assured us that India is their bae, and they’re committed to nurturing the travel love affair that’s been brewing for years.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can travelers access the tips from Everywhere Agents?

It’s as easy as stealing candy from a baby – well, not literally. Just head to the Everywhere Guide or book a virtual appointment for a personalized experience. It’s like getting travel advice from a friend who’s been everywhere but your grandma’s secret cookie stash.

Who is the designated Everywhere Agent for India?

Anunay Sood is the Indiana Jones of the Everywhere Agency, exploring nooks and crannies to bring you the best travel gems in India. Follow him for a journey that’s more exciting than a Bollywood plot twist.

What inspired the Everywhere Agency concept?

you’re on Skyscanner, clicking the “Everywhere” button like a maniac. That’s the inspiration! Skyscanner wanted to turn your random travel daydreams into reality with a dash of expert advice. It’s like having a magic eight ball for travel decisions.

What are the driving forces behind Indian travelers’ preferences?

Mohit Joshi spilled the chai on this one. Indian travelers are on a quest for diverse cultural experiences. Forget the Eiffel Tower; give them a hidden village with grandma making secret spice blends. The search surge? It’s not just wanderlust; it’s cultural curiosity.

How do Everywhere Agents select destinations for travelers?

It’s not some mysterious magic potion; Everywhere Agents use their vast travel experience and a sprinkle of intuition. They’ll analyze your preferences, check the weather, consult the travel gods, and voilà – a personalized destination recommendation that fits you like a tailored suit.

Can Everywhere Agents help with budget-friendly travel plans?

Absolutely! These agents aren’t just jet-setters; they’re also savvy budget ninjas. Whether you’re rolling in dough or counting pennies, they’ve got tips and tricks to make your wallet sigh in relief. It’s like having a financial advisor who speaks the language of wanderlust.

What’s the weirdest request Everywhere Agents have received?

Oh, buckle up for this one. From finding the best pizza in the Amazon rainforest to locating Wi-Fi in the middle of the Sahara, Everywhere Agents have seen it all. There’s no request too bizarre or too bonkers for these travel gurus.

Are virtual appointments with Everywhere Agents free?

Time to break out the confetti – yes, they’re absolutely free! Skyscanner believes in spreading the love (and travel wisdom) without emptying your piggy bank. So, book that virtual appointment and get ready for a digital tête-à-tête with your personal travel whisperer.

Q1: How can Everywhere Agents help me in planning my trip?

Everywhere Agents are your travel BFFs. They spill the beans on their personal escapades, helping you navigate the labyrinth of unknown destinations. Whether it’s a hidden gem or a popular haunt, they’ve got the deets.

Q2: What is the ‘Everywhere’ search, and why is it popular among Indian travelers?

The ‘Everywhere’ search is like a magic wand that shows you destinations sorted by price from thousands of travel sites. It’s the Harry Potter of travel hacks, and Indian travelers love it because, well, who doesn’t want affordable magic?

Skyscanner's 'Everywhere Agency' Adventure
Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere Agency’ Adventure

Q3: Who are some of the Everywhere Agents appointed by Skyscanner?

Meet Anunay Sood, the Bollywood hero of travel tales, Gunnar Garfors, the two-time world explorer, and Renee Burns, the daredevil in a wheelchair who put our lazy legs to shame.

Q4: What kind of information can I find in the Everywhere Guide?

The Everywhere Guide is like a treasure chest of travel wisdom. From epic nightlife suggestions to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, it’s your go-to for making memories. Plus, Trip Snapshots give you the lowdown on the cheapest days to jet off.


Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere Agency’ campaign isn’t just about destinations; it’s about the thrill of the unknown, the joy of discovering new places, and the laughter that echoes through the journey. So, buckle up, fellow explorer, as Skyscanner invites you to embark on a voyage filled with insights, laughs, and maybe a little wanderlust-induced dancing. The world’s a big place; let’s explore it, one quirky destination at a time!

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