Ovolo Hotels’ Strategic Alliance with Small Luxury Hotels of the World


Ovolo Hotels' Strategic Alliance with Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Ovolo Hotels’ Strategic Alliance with Small Luxury Hotels of the World

In the dazzling world of hospitality, Ovolo Hotels has just pulled off a fantastic feat – a partnership with the swanky Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH). This ain’t your regular hotel handshake; it involves eight posh boutique hotels scattered across Hong Kong, Australia, and Bali. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of luxury, charm, and a touch of humor as Ovolo steps onto the global stage with SLH.

  • Partnership Formed: Picture this – Ovolo Hotels and Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) joined forces like a dynamic duo in the world of luxury accommodation.
  • Global Expansion: Ovolo decided it was time to spread its hospitality wings globally, reaching out across the vast Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
  • Utilizing SLH’s Platforms: They didn’t just stop at dreaming big; they hitched a ride on SLH’s global sales, distribution, and marketing platforms to turn those dreams into reality.

Global Expansion through SLH

Ovolo is throwing its hat into the international ring with a cunning plan. By teaming up with SLH, they’re hitching a ride on SLH’s global network and expertise. It’s like Ovolo is getting a passport to the world of luxury, and SLH is the seasoned travel guide showing them the way.

This collaboration is like a hospitality magic trick. Ovolo gets access to SLH’s secret sales channels, allowing them to sneak into the hearts of travelers worldwide. It’s the ultimate game of hide and seek, and Ovolo is playing it with finesse. Thanks to SLH’s marketing platforms, Ovolo is about to become the rockstar of the hotel world – lights, camera, action!

Inclusion of Iconic Properties

Let’s talk about the cool kids on the block – Ovolo Hotels’ collection. From the trendy Woolloomooloo in Sydney to the chic Ovolo South Yarra in Melbourne, these hotels are like the Avengers of the hospitality universe. And now, they’re joining forces with SLH’s elite squad.

But wait, there’s more! The future holds exciting plans. The By Ovolo Collective collection is gearing up to make its grand entrance into SLH’s portfolio. It’s like adding more characters to your favorite TV show – the more, the merrier!

Strengthening Independence and Innovation

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Despite this epic team-up, Ovolo is shouting from the rooftop – “We’re still our own bosses!” This collaboration isn’t about losing identity; it’s about showcasing Ovolo’s quirks and innovations. Dave Baswal, the CEO of Ovolo, is basically saying, “We’re unique, and we want the world to know it.”

It’s like being in a band. Ovolo is the lead guitarist, and SLH is the supportive backup vocals – harmonizing, but never stealing the limelight.

Elevating SLH’s Presence in Australia

Mark Wong from SLH is practically doing a happy dance about this union. Why? Because Ovolo is helping SLH plant its luxury flag firmly in Australian soil. Ovolo’s commitment to excellence aligns with SLH’s values – it’s like finding a luxury soulmate.

Ovolo is like the cool kid showing SLH around the Australian block, introducing them to the best spots. It’s like having a local friend in an unfamiliar city – invaluable.

Exciting Prospects for Global Alliance

Ovolo Hotels' Strategic Alliance with Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Ovolo Hotels’ Strategic Alliance with Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Picture this: Ovolo is packing its bags for a world tour, and SLH is its global tour manager. The collaboration is like a party where everyone’s a winner. Ovolo is getting a global makeover, and SLH is getting a golden ticket into the Australian luxury market. It’s a match made in hotel heaven.

This isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a story unfolding. With Ovolo and SLH, the plot is thickening, and we can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds.

Ovolo’s Impressive Portfolio

Boutique Designer Hotels

Picture this: hotels that are not just a place to sleep but an experience. Ovolo Hotels specializes in boutique designer hotels that are the James Bond of accommodations – stylish, suave, and always one step ahead.

By Ovolo Collective

This is Ovolo’s Avengers team of hotels. From the edgy Laneways by Ovolo in Melbourne to the tropical vibes of Mamaka by Ovolo in Bali, it’s a squad that promises a staycation like no other.

Ovolo HotelsBy Ovolo Collective
Ovolo Woolloomooloo, SydneyLaneways by Ovolo, Melbourne
Ovolo South Yarra, MelbourneMamaka by Ovolo, Bali
Ovolo The Valley, Brisbane
Ovolo Nishi, Canberra
Ovolo Central, Hong Kong
Table: Ovolo Hotels to be Integrated into SLH Collection

Integration Timeline

No need to twiddle your thumbs; the integration process plans to roll out the By Ovolo Collective by the first quarter of this year. Faster than waiting for your coffee at a busy café.

Ovolo’s Unique Approach

Innovative Designs

Ovolo Hotels' Strategic Alliance with Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Ovolo Hotels’ Strategic Alliance with Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Ovolo’s hotels are the trendsetters, the fashionistas of the hospitality world. If hotels had a runway, Ovolo’s properties would be strutting their stuff.

Technological Integration

Think of Ovolo as the tech geek of hotels. They don’t just have Wi-Fi; they have it seamlessly integrated into everything. It’s like living in a sci-fi movie, but with room service.

Commitment to Sustainability

Going green is not just a trend for Ovolo; it’s a lifestyle. They’re committed to sustainability, making sure your stay leaves a smaller carbon footprint than your last selfie.

Ovolo’s Unique Characteristics:

  • Cutting-Edge Design: Ovolo’s hotels are not just places to stay; they are pieces of art. Each property is a canvas for cutting-edge design.
  • Technological Integration: Ovolo isn’t stuck in the past; it’s committed to technological integration, making sure your stay is as smooth as silk.
  • Sustainability: Ovolo is not just about luxury; it’s about luxury with a conscience. Sustainability is not a buzzword; it’s a way of life.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH)

Global Presence

SLH isn’t just a hotel collection; it’s a global sensation. With over 550 independent hotels spread across 90 countries, they’re the rockstars of the hospitality world.

Enhanced Presence in Australia

Mark Wong, the Senior Vice President Asia Pacific at SLH, is thrilled about this partnership. He’s not just seeing it as a collaboration; he’s envisioning SLH getting a VIP pass to the Australian hospitality scene.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the main objective of the collaboration between Ovolo Hotels and SLH?

Think of it as Ovolo grabbing SLH’s hand for a global dance. They want to use SLH’s secret moves to expand their reach worldwide while keeping their unique charm intact

Which properties are included in Ovolo Hotels’ collaboration with SLH?

Imagine a hotel dream team – Woolloomooloo in Sydney, Ovolo South Yarra in Melbourne, and the Bali sensation, Mamaka by Ovolo. They’re all in!

How does Ovolo Hotels plan to connect with travelers emotionally through this alliance?

According to the hotel maestro, Dave Baswal, Ovolo wants to be more than just a place to crash. They’re going for an emotional connection, making you feel like each Ovolo stay is a chapter in your personal adventure novel.

Will Ovolo Hotels maintain its independence despite the collaboration?

Absolutely! Ovolo isn’t looking for a hotel takeover. They’re shouting, “We’re still the captains of our ship,” ensuring that their hotels stay as cool and quirky as ever.

What are the future plans regarding the collaboration between Ovolo Hotels and SLH?

Brace yourself for more excitement! Ovolo has plans to unveil the By Ovolo Collective collection in SLH’s lineup in the first quarter of 2024. It’s like adding new characters to your favorite TV show – the plot thickens!

What is the primary objective of the strategic alliance between Ovolo Hotels and Small Luxury Hotels of the World?

It’s not just about sharing a hotel room; the primary objective is to expand Ovolo’s global portfolio by integrating its boutique designer hotels into SLH’s curated collection, leveraging SLH’s sales, distribution, and marketing capabilities.

Which Ovolo properties are set to be integrated into SLH’s collection?

The cool kids on the list include Ovolo Woolloomooloo, Ovolo South Yarra, Ovolo The Valley, Ovolo Nishi, and Ovolo Central. Oh, and don’t forget the By Ovolo Collective with Laneways by Ovolo in Melbourne and Mamaka by Ovolo in Bali.

How does Ovolo differentiate itself in the hospitality industry?

Ovolo is not your regular hotel; it’s the trendsetter. With innovative designs, technological integration, and a commitment to sustainability, they’re the cool cats in the hospitality world.

What is the expected timeline for integrating the By Ovolo Collective into SLH’s collection?

No need to camp out; the integration is set to include the By Ovolo Collective by the first quarter of this year. Time flies when you’re having fun.

How does Ovolo plan to connect emotionally with travelers through this alliance?

Ovolo is not just about beds and walls; it’s about creating an emotional connection with travelers who appreciate independently spirited hotels. It’s like dating, but with more room service.


  • Opening New Markets: Ovolo, now part of SLH’s collection, is like a rock band hitting new stages. The integration is expected to open new markets and bring Ovolo’s distinctive flavor to new audiences.
  • Connecting with Travelers: Ovolo’s strategic move is not just about hotels; it’s about connecting with independently-minded travelers across continents. It’s like a pen pal relationship but with hotels.
  • Significant Collaboration: This collaboration isn’t just a deal; it’s a grand entrance into the luxury hotel industry. Ovolo and SLH, the dynamic duo, are here to stay and redefine what luxury accommodation truly means – with a smile and a touch of humor!

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