Inox India IPO: A Deep Dive into the December 14 Listing


The Inox India IPO is like the Bollywood premiere of the stock market, and on December 14th, it’s going to be a blockbuster! So, grab your popcorn (or should I say, stock portfolio) and let’s unravel the story behind this much-anticipated Initial Public Offering.

Inox India IPO

IPO Details

Company Overview

  • Content Description: Inox India is not a magician’s spell; it’s a company that’s rocking the stage in the manufacturing of cryogenic storage and transport equipment. They’re the superheroes of freezing stuff, making sure our gases stay chilled.

Issue Price Determination

  • Content Description: The pricing drama is set between ₹627 to ₹660 per share. It’s like picking a movie ticket – you want the best seats, but not at the cost of your entire month’s popcorn budget.

Fundraising Target

  • Content Description: Inox India has its eyes on the jackpot, aiming to scoop up ₹1,459.32 crores. That’s a lot of zeroes! They plan to use this treasure chest for expanding their empire and other secret missions.

Key Dates

  • Content Description: It’s like planning a surprise party – the draft red herring prospectus is the invitation, and the actual party starts on December 14th, ending on December 18th. Anchor investors get the VIP pass on December 13th.
Inox India IPO
Inox India IPO

Stakeholders and Participants

Promoters’ Share Sale

  • Content Description: The Inox India founders, the real MVPs, are selling their shares in the IPO. Imagine selling your prized comic book collection – these guys are doing it, but with stocks. Other cool cats like Damas Industries and India Shelter Finance Corporation are also throwing their shares into the mix.

Financial Institutions’ Participation

  • Content Description: It’s not just individuals; even the big shots like Damas Industries are playing the IPO game. It’s like a stock market party where everyone’s invited, and even the cool kids are showing up.

Utilization of Funds

Investment Plans

  • Content Description: Inox India is not just throwing this money into a wishing well. They’ve got plans – big plans! R&D, manufacturing upgrades, basically turning their cryogenic game into a sci-fi movie set.

Focus on Innovation and Production

  • Content Description: Inox India isn’t your average company; it’s the Elon Musk of cryogenic equipment. They’re pumping money into innovation, making sure their products are as cool as the temperatures they handle.

Investor Information

Share Allotment Criteria

  • Content Description: Attention, retail investors! You get a front-row seat – or at least 35% of the shares. It’s like a concert where the first few rows are reserved for the die-hard fans.

Lot Size and Minimum Investment

  • Content Description: Want to join the party? You’ve got to buy at least 22 equity shares, and that’ll set you back ₹14,520. It’s the price of admission to the stock market carnival.

Earnings Outlook

  • Content Description: In the financial year 2022-23, Inox India flexed its financial muscles with a net profit margin of 17%. That’s like acing your math exam after months of binge-watching TV shows. The revenue? A cool ₹152.7 crores, up by 23.4%.

Future Projections

  • Content Description: Fast forward to 2023-24, and Inox India is predicting even more success – a net profit margin of 23.9% and revenue soaring to ₹103.3 crores. It’s like predicting your favorite team will win the championship, but with numbers.

Risk Factors and Considerations

Industry Challenges

  • Content Description: Inox India is like a superhero, but even Superman has kryptonite. The company acknowledges industry challenges – market fluctuations are their arch-enemies.

No Assured Income

  • Content Description: Investors, don’t expect a money-printing machine. Inox India is not guaranteeing fixed returns. It’s like playing the stock market lottery – sometimes you win big, sometimes it’s just a participation trophy.

Participatory Caution

  • Content Description: Inox India is like your stock market Gandalf, saying, “You shall not pass without reading the risk factors!” They’re urging caution, asking investors to be Gandalf-level wise.

Investor Insights

Sector Analysis

  • Industry Impact: Inox India’s IPO is the drumroll in the biotech sector, aligning with global trends. It’s like the cool kid in school who everyone wants to hang out with.
  • Market Dynamics: Brace yourself; the IPO success is predicted to sprinkle some magic dust on the market. It’s like a financial fairy tale.

Expert Opinions

  • Analyst Views: Analysts from ICICI Securities and Axis Capital are the cheerleaders, expressing confidence and cheering, “Go Inox India!” It’s like a stock market pep rally.
  • Anand Rathi’s Perspective: Anand Rathi is not holding back; they’re emphasizing the long-term value proposition. It’s like your financial guru saying, “Trust me, this is the real deal.”

When does the Inox India IPO commence?

Content Description: The show starts on December 14th, and the curtain falls on December 18th. Don’t be fashionably late; this is one party you want to attend from the beginning.

What is the price range for the IPO shares?

Content Description: It’s a bargain! ₹627 to ₹660 per share. It’s like buying a ticket to a blockbuster movie, but instead, you’re buying a slice of a cryogenic empire.

How much capital does Inox India aim to raise through this IPO?

Content Description: Brace yourself – ₹1,459.32 crores! It’s like a financial rollercoaster, and everyone’s invited to hop on.

What is the minimum investment required to participate in the IPO?

Content Description: To join the stock market party, you need at least ₹14,520. That’s the entry fee to the exclusive club of Inox India shareholders.


Inox India’s IPO is not just a financial event; it’s a show, a spectacle, a rollercoaster of numbers and aspirations. Should you invest? Well, that’s a decision only you can make. But remember, in the world of stocks, humor is your best friend, caution is your mentor, and Inox India is your ticket to the cryogenic blockbuster of the stock market! Get ready for the show!

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