How to Buy Centre’s Affordable Chana Dal


Buy Centre's Affordable Chana Dal
Buy Centre’s Affordable Chana Dal

In a world where the prices of pulses often skyrocket faster than a rocket, the Central Government has swooped in like a superhero with its ‘Chana Dal.’ This isn’t just any Chana Dal; it’s the People’s Dal, aimed at making chana dal affordable and accessible to every Indian plate. This guide is your ticket to legume paradise – let’s dive into the details on how you can get your hands on this golden goodness.

Outlets Selling Chana Dal

When it comes to acquiring Chana Dal, the government wants to make it as easy as pie (or dal, in this case). Here are the primary outlets where you can grab your share:

  • Kendriya Bhandar Outlets
  • Find Chana Dal at all Kendriya Bhandar physical outlets. It’s like a treasure hunt, but with legumes!
  • NAFED Outlets
  • NAFED, the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India, is not holding back. Bharat Dal is available both at their physical outlets and on wheels (yes, they have mobile outlets).
  • NCCF Outlets
  • The National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation (NCCF) is on board too. Check out their outlets for your daily needs.
  • Expansion to Other Outlets
  • The government is spreading the dal love. Efforts are underway to expand availability to other cooperative and retail outlets. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Affordable Pricing

Let’s talk money, or rather, the lack of it! The Centre is selling Bharat Dal at a price that won’t make your wallet weep.

  • Cost per Kilogram: Rs 60
  • Yes, you read that right. The affordable price tag of Rs 60 per kilogram ensures that you can enjoy your day without breaking the bank.

Distribution and Packaging

Ever wondered how this dal magic happens? Here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop:

  • NAFED’s Role
  • NAFED takes the spotlight in the milling and packaging department. They are the unsung heroes making sure your dal is top-notch.
  • Retail Outlets
  • Distribution is a well-coordinated dance. NAFED’s retail outlets in Delhi-NCR are prime spots. You can also find Chana Dal at NCCF, Kendriya Bhandar, and Safal outlets.

Government Initiatives

Behind every good dal, there’s a great government initiative. Let’s peek into the purpose behind Chana Dal:

  • Purpose of Bharat Dal
  • The primary goal is to convert the government’s chana stock into chana dal, a move aimed at making pulses more affordable.
  • Price Stabilisation Fund (PSF)
  • The government plays the dal stock market game. Under the PSF, a buffer stock of major pulses, including chana, is maintained. Stocks are released strategically to keep prices in check.

Other Pulses under PSF

Bharat Dal isn’t flying solo; it’s part of a pulse posse under the PSF umbrella:

  • Major Pulses Covered
  • The buffer stock includes not just chana but also tur, urad, moong, and masur.
  • Price Support Scheme (PSS)
  • The government has a plan. Stocks from PSS and PSF buffers are released strategically to moderate prices.
  • Welfare Schemes and Supply
  • Pulses from the buffer aren’t just for your kitchen. They’re also supplied to states for welfare schemes and make their way to the plates of the Army and Central Armed Police Forces.

Market Disposal Strategy

Ever wondered how the government ensures pulses don’t go haywire in the market?

  • Targeted Market Release
  • It’s not a pulse party without an invite. Stocks are released in the market in a targeted manner to keep prices from going off the charts.
  • Dual Purpose
  • The government is a multitasker. Apart from market disposal, pulses from the buffer serve welfare and security needs. It’s like getting two for the price of one.


In the grand dal scheme of things, the introduction of Bharat Dal and the government’s pulse power moves under the PSF showcase a commitment to ensuring dal doesn’t become a luxury. By offering chana dal at a pocket-friendly rate, the government is stirring the pot (or rather, the pressure cooker) for a dal-icious impact on households across the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I buy Bharat Dal?

Bharat Dal is available at Kendriya Bhandar, NAFED, and NCCF outlets. Efforts are underway to expand availability to other cooperative and retail outlets.

What is the cost of Bharat Dal?

Bharat Dal is priced at Rs 60 per kilogram, making it an affordable option for consumers.

Who is responsible for packaging Bharat Dal?

NAFED takes care of the milling and packaging of Bharat Dal, ensuring quality and consistency.

What is the government’s objective behind introducing Bharat Dal?

The government aims to convert its chana stock into chana dal, making pulses more accessible and affordable for the general population.

How does the government control pulse prices?

The government maintains a buffer stock of major pulses under the Price Stabilisation Fund (PSF) and releases stocks in a targeted manner to control retail prices.

Is Bharat Dal available outside of Delhi-NCR?

Efforts are being made to expand the availability of Bharat Dal to other cooperative and retail outlets beyond Delhi-NCR. Stay tuned for updates on its expansion.

How can I identify the genuine Bharat Dal product?

Look for the official packaging and branding when purchasing Bharat Dal. Ensure that you are buying from authorized outlets such as Kendriya Bhandar, NAFED, NCCF, or other approved retail locations.

Can Bharat Dal be purchased online?

As of now, Bharat Dal is primarily available at physical outlets of Kendriya Bhandar, NAFED, and NCCF. Online availability might be explored in the future; check official channels for updates.

What steps are taken to maintain the quality of Bharat Dal?

NAFED, responsible for milling and packaging, follows stringent quality control measures to ensure the quality and consistency of Bharat Dal. Regular checks and inspections are conducted to meet the established standards.

Are there any plans to introduce more affordable pulses under similar initiatives?

The government has implemented various schemes to stabilize prices and make essential food items more affordable. Keep an eye on government announcements for updates on similar initiatives for other pulses.

Can Bharat Dal be used in government welfare programs?

Pulses from the buffer stock, including Bharat Dal, are supplied to states for welfare schemes. Additionally, they are provided to the Army and Central Armed Police Forces to meet their dietary requirements.
Centre’s Affordable Chana Dal

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