Allcargo Logistics Restructuring and Stock Movement


Allcargo Logistics
Allcargo Logistics

Allcargo Logistics, a company not quite the size of a giant, recently pulled off a move that sent its shares skyrocketing by more than 9%. We’re not talking about a gentle climb; this was a full-blown rocket launch, reaching Rs 314. What triggered this financial liftoff, you ask? Well, grab your seatbelt because it’s all about a major decision involving their international business unit, ECU Worldwide.

In the unpredictable world of stocks, it seems like Allcargo Logistics is playing a game of financial chess while Gati might have accidentally stepped on a banana peel. The recent restructuring announcement has caused quite a stir, with Allcargo Logistics stocks doing a victory dance and Gati stocks feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Restructuring Announcement

  • Details of Restructuring: Allcargo Logistics and Allcargo Gati have decided to shake things up in the logistics dance floor with a joint announcement of business restructuring.
  • Board Approval: It’s official – the board has given the nod for this financial tango to begin.

Impact on Stocks

  • Allcargo Logistics Stocks Surge: Allcargo Logistics stocks have strapped on their rocket boosters, skyrocketing by more than 10% after the restructuring revelation.
  • Gati Stocks Decline: Meanwhile, Gati stocks are having a bit of a sad trombone moment, dropping by 8%. Ouch!
  • Reason Behind Decline: The culprit behind Gati’s stock sob story? You guessed it – the restructuring bombshell.

Scheme Details

  • International Supply Chain Business: Allcargo is doing a magic trick – making its international supply chain business disappear through demerger.
  • Investor Benefit: Hold on to your hats, folks! For every Allcargo Logistics share you snatch up, you’ll get a shiny new share of Allcargo EISU in return. It’s like a buy-one-get-one-free deal, but in the stock market.

Merger and Business Responsibilities

  • Post-Demerger Scenario: After the demerger spectacle, Allcargo Logistics will still be in the limelight, handling the Express and Contract Logistics business.
  • Merger with Gati: Allcargo Gati is saying goodbye to its solo act and joining the Allcargo Logistics bandwagon. Talk about a logistics supergroup!
  • Share Allocation: If you’re a Gati shareholder, get ready to receive 63 shares of Allcargo Logistics for every 10 shares you currently own. It’s raining shares!

Bonus Shares and Investor Gains

  • Bonus Share Impact: Brace yourselves for some bonus madness. Every single Allcargo Logistics share will now have three little siblings tagging along, thanks to a bonus of 3 shares for every 1 share held.
  • Record Date: Mark your calendars – the company has set the record date for the bonus shares. It’s like a stock market birthday party!

Stock Calculation and Investor Strategy

Allcargo Logistics
Allcargo Logistics
  • Investor Considerations: Investors are sitting in their financial thinking chairs, contemplating the potential gains from grabbing a piece of the Allcargo Logistics pie.
  • Benefits of Allcargo Logistics Stock: Buying Allcargo Logistics stocks not only means hitching a ride on the Allcargo EISU train but also indirectly becoming a shareholder in the Gati-Gati Boom Boom merger.

News Highlights

Big Announcement Propels Allcargo Logistics Shares

  • Content: Hold on to your hats because Allcargo Logistics shares decided to break free from the mundane and shoot up over 9%, settling at Rs 314. What’s the secret sauce? A massive announcement related to the international sensation, ECU Worldwide.
  • Heading: Allcargo Logistics Shares Witness Rocket-like Surge.

International Business Unit Demerger

  • Content: Allcargo Logistics dropped a bombshell by announcing a separation of its international supply chain business into a listed entity called Allcargo ECU. It’s like that moment in a relationship where you decide to see other people, but in a corporate setting.
  • Heading: Demerger Details.

Shareholders Exchange Ratio

  • Content: In this great business breakup, Allcargo Logistics decided to play fair. For every share of Allcargo, shareholders in the international supply chain business will receive one share of Allcargo ECU. It’s like a friendly exchange of trading cards but with shares.
  • Heading: Share Exchange Ratio.

Allcargo Gati Merger

  • Content: Allcargo Logistics is keeping some things close to home. While the international arm moves out, Allcargo Gati is moving in. Shareholders of Allcargo Gati get a cool deal — 63 shares for every 10 they had. It’s like a merger but with more shares and fewer awkward conversations.
  • Heading: Allcargo Gati Merger.

Impressive Stock Performance

  • Content: Allcargo Logistics shares are not shy about their achievements. They flaunt a jaw-dropping 140% surge over the past three years. From Rs 132.40 on December 24, 2020, to a triumphant Rs 314 on December 22, 2023. It’s like they found the secret to eternal youth, but in the stock market.
  • Heading: Allcargo Logistics Shares Show 140% Jump.

Bonus Share for Investors

  • Content: To sweeten the deal, Allcargo Logistics decided to sprinkle some bonus shares on its investors back in December 2015. It was like a surprise gift, the kind you didn’t know you wanted but are now flaunting in the stock market party.
  • Heading: Bonus Share for Allcargo Investors.

Stock Performance Analysis

Historical Performance

3 Years+140%
6 Months+10%
1 Year-21%

52-Week High and Low

High LevelLow Level
Rs 442.40Rs 246

Why the Discrepancy in Stocks?

  • Calculation Basis: The stock rollercoaster we’re witnessing is based on some serious number crunching. Analysts are doing the math, and investors are figuring out which stock dance they want to join.
  • Investor Strategy: It’s decision time for investors. Do they want to jive with Allcargo Logistics, enjoying benefits across multiple business entities, or do they fancy a slow waltz with Gati, complete with its specific gains?


In the grand scheme of things, Allcargo Logistics is orchestrating a financial symphony, and investors have front-row seats. Understanding the ins and outs of this restructuring opera and the potential gains from each stock is like having a VIP pass to the stock market concert. But, and it’s a big but, always remember – consult your financial wizards before you start throwing your money into the stock market cauldron.

In the grand finale of this logistics circus, the restructuring announcement by Allcargo Logistics and the rollercoaster ride of stocks present a strategic opportunity for investors. It’s not just about buying and selling; it’s about understanding the implications of the scheme and the potential gains from each stock. As the saying goes, “Buy low, sell high, and throw in a bonus share or two for good measure!”

Disclaimer and Advice

Disclaimer: This financial rollercoaster is not endorsed by any wizardry from CNBC TV18 Hindi. For the magic potion of financial advice, consult your trusted financial advisors or the mystical beings of certified experts.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What led to the surge in Allcargo Logistics stocks?

Picture this – the surge in Allcargo Logistics stocks is like discovering a secret treasure map, and that map is the announcement of business restructuring, including the demerger of the international supply chain business.

Why did Gati experience a decline in its stocks?

Gati’s stocks decided to go on a little rollercoaster of their own because of the restructuring bombshell. Investors got a bit spooked about Gati’s future prospects, and down went the stocks.

What is the impact of the scheme on Allcargo Logistics shareholders?

Hold on tight! Allcargo Logistics shareholders are not only getting bonus shares in the ratio of 3:1, but they’re also getting a backstage pass to the Allcargo EISU show.

How does the merger with Gati affect Allcargo Logistics?

The merger is like a logistics Avengers assembling – Allcargo Logistics is consolidating its powers, and Gati shareholders are getting a front-row seat with shares of Allcargo Logistics in return.

Should investors consider purchasing Gati stocks after the decline?

Ah, the million-dollar question. Investors, put on your thinking caps. Consider the potential gains from both Allcargo Logistics and Gati stocks post-restructuring. It’s like choosing between chocolate and vanilla – both are sweet, but which one tickles your fancy?

What is the exchange ratio for Allcargo Gati shareholders?

If you were holding Allcargo Gati shares, it’s like winning the lottery. You get 63 shares of Allcargo Logistics for every 10 you had. That’s like getting extra fries with your burger.

Has Allcargo Logistics consistently shown positive stock performance?

Oh, absolutely! It’s like Allcargo Logistics found the fountain of financial youth. Over the past three years, their shares have partied their way to a 140% surge.

How will the demerger impact shareholders?

Imagine you’re playing Monopoly, and suddenly, the board splits in two. For every Allcargo share, shareholders in the international supply chain business get a shiny new Allcargo ECU share. It’s like a Monopoly game, but with actual money.

In a world where stock markets can sometimes resemble a complicated puzzle, Allcargo Logistics decided to simplify things. The recent surge in their shares, driven by the demerger announcement and a stellar stock performance, is like a beacon in the night for investors. As the logistics industry undergoes transformative changes, it seems Allcargo Logistics is not afraid to take the road less traveled, or in their case, the stock less traded. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dipping your toes into the financial waters, this Allcargo Logistics saga is one you won’t want to miss. After all, who said stocks can’t have a sense of humor?

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