AFC Cup 2023-24: Mohun Bagan’s Journey Comes to an End

Football fans, brace yourselves for a showdown of epic proportions as Mohun Bagan Super Giant takes on Maziya Sports and Recreation Club in a nail-biting encounter at the Maldives National Football Stadium on Monday, December 11, as part of the AFC Cup 2023-24. The stakes are high, the tension is palpable, and the laughter-inducing banter is just what we need to lighten the mood before the kickoff.

AFC Cup 2023-24
AFC Cup 2023-24

Group D Standings

In the cosmic dance of Group D standings, Mohun Bagan currently grooves in third place with seven points from five matches. It’s a bit like being the third wheel at a dance party, and the Mariners desperately need to step up their moves to secure a spot in the knockout stage. Currently trailing behind Bangladesh’s Bashundhara Kings and fellow ISL aficionados Odisha FC, the Mariners are feeling the pressure, especially after a recent draw against Odisha FC, which left them with about as much breathing room as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs in AFC Cup 2023-24.

Previous Encounter

In the reverse fixture against Maziya, Mohun Bagan showed they can handle pressure like a pro stand-up comedian handling hecklers. Securing a thrilling 2-1 victory, with Jason Cummings scoring a brace, the Mariners left the Maziya fans with more dropped jaws than a magic show. If they can replicate this performance, we might witness more magic than at a Hogwarts Quidditch match.

Challenges on Continental Stage

However, the challenge lies in translating their domestic brilliance to the continental stage. It’s a bit like acing your home cooking but struggling when Gordon Ramsay is judging. Defensive concerns have cast a shadow over earlier displays, but the Mariners are determined to iron out the wrinkles and showcase their true potential on the continental stage.

Coach’s Perspective

Coach Juan Ferrando is the Gandalf of this footballing fellowship, urging the team to address vulnerabilities and rise like a phoenix. His emphasis on showcasing true potential echoes louder than a vuvuzela at a World Cup final. The Mariners need to heed his wisdom and channel their inner wizards to navigate the challenging waters of the AFC Cup.

Qualification Scenarios

The qualification scenarios are more intricate than a Sherlock Holmes mystery. A win against Maziya would catapult Mohun Bagan to 10 points. However, their fate also hangs precariously on the outcome of the Bashundhara Kings vs. Odisha FC match. A draw in the other encounter could see Mariners exit stage left, while a convincing Kings’ victory guarantees passage to the next round. It’s like a football soap opera, and we can’t wait to see who gets written off.

AFC Cup 2023-24
AFC Cup 2023-24

Road So Far: Mohun Bagan’s AFC Cup 2023-24 Journey

The journey started with the euphoria of victories over Odisha FC and Maziya. But just when you thought everything was coming up roses, a draw against Bashundhara Kings and a heartbreaking defeat to Odisha FC acted like a bucket of cold water on the team’s aspirations. The 5-2 loss to Odisha in the fifth game turned out to be the villain in this cinematic football saga.

Navigating Choppy Waters

The stakes are higher than a giraffe’s eye level, and the pressure is mounting like a pile of laundry on a Sunday evening. Mohun Bagan is ready to navigate the choppy waters of the AFC Cup, armed with determination, skill, and a sense of humor sharper than a freshly sharpened pencil.

Kick-off, Telecast, and Live Streaming Info

Let’s talk logistics. The clash of titans, the Mazia SRC vs The Mohun Bagan Super Giant AFC Cup 2023-24, is set to kick off at 3:30 PM IST on Monday, December 11, at the Maldives National Football Stadium in Male. For those glued to their TV screens, catch the action live on the Sports18 Channel. If you’re more of a digital nomad, the match will be live-streamed on Fancode and JioTV. It’s as easy as scoring a goal in an empty net.

Latest Updates

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Mazia SRC vs Mohun Bagan Super Giant AFC Cup 2023-24 match. We’ll keep you posted on every twist and turn, more suspenseful than a Hitchcock thriller.


With the AFC Cup qualification hanging in the balance, Mohun Bagan Super Giant faces a test of cosmic proportions against Maziya. It’s not just a game; it’s a quest for glory on the international football stage. The Mariners and their fans eagerly await the outcome of this do-or-die clash, hoping to witness Mohun Bagan’s triumph and celebrate like it’s the end of a Marvel movie.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the significance of the Mazia vs Mohun Bagan match in AFC Cup 2023-24?

This match is like the golden ticket for Mohun Bagan’s qualification hopes in Group D of the AFC Cup 2023-24. Winning is the only option for advancing to the knockout stage, and the Mariners know it.

How does Mohun Bagan stand in the Group D standings?

Currently grooving in third place with seven points from five matches, Mohun Bagan needs to pull off some dance moves worthy of a disco ball to secure a spot in the knockout stage.

What happened in the previous encounter between Maziya and Mohun Bagan?

In the reverse fixture, Mohun Bagan showed Maziya a magic trick or two, securing a thrilling 2-1 victory with Jason Cummings playing the role of the illusionist.

Where and when can I watch the Mazia vs Mohun Bagan match in India?

Get ready for a TV spectacle at 3:30 PM IST on Monday, December 11, as the match unfolds at the Maldives National Football Stadium. Catch it on the Sports18 Channel (TV) or live-stream it on Fancode and JioTV, because missing this would be like skipping dessert after a great meal.

What are the qualification scenarios for Mohun Bagan in the AFC Cup?

It’s a football soap opera with twists and turns. A win in the Maldives takes Mohun Bagan to 10 points. But wait, there’s more! Qualification also depends on the Bashundhara Kings vs. Odisha FC match outcome. A draw there could see Mariners exit, while a Kings’ victory guarantees passage. It’s drama, suspense, and goals galore.

Why did Mohun Bagan opt for a younger side in the match against Maziya?

In the dead rubber match against Maziya, Mohun Bagan chose a younger squad. This decision could be compared to a chef experimenting with new ingredients. The team possibly aimed to blend youth with experience, adding a dash of unpredictability to the game.

What’s next for Mohun Bagan after their exit from the AFC Cup?

Following their exit from the AFC Cup, Mohun Bagan is likely to shift focus to domestic competitions. The team will regroup, strategize, and prepare for future campaigns. The experience gained in international tournaments will undoubtedly contribute to their growth.

How significant is the AFC Cup for Asian clubs?

The AFC Cup holds immense importance as the second-tier Asian continental club football competition. It provides opportunities for clubs across the continent to showcase their talent. However, the competition is fierce, and only the top teams progress to the higher stages.

Can Mohun Bagan bounce back in future competitions after this AFC Cup exit?

Absolutely! Mohun Bagan, a powerhouse in Indian football, has a history of resilience. After this AFC Cup setback, the team is expected to regroup, learn from the experience, and come back stronger in future domestic and international competitions.

What were the key highlights of the match against Maziya SRC?

In the match against Maziya SRC, Hassan Raif Ahmed scored the only goal in the 40th minute, leading to Mohun Bagan’s 1-0 defeat. Despite Arsh Shaikh’s remarkable saves, the team struggled to find its attacking rhythm, resulting in their exit from the AFC Cup.

Did Mohun Bagan’s journey in the AFC Cup have any positive takeaways despite the exit?

Certainly! Despite the exit, Mohun Bagan’s journey in the AFC Cup provided valuable experience. The victories over Odisha FC and Maziya showcased the team’s capabilities, and the lessons learned will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors.

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