Background and the Quirky Invitation

Rickshaw Rendezvous:

Meet Mangal Kejat, a sprightly rickshaw driver from the bustling lanes of Varanasi. Now, while many might picture a rickshaw driver to be engrossed in the cacophony of traffic, Mangal has other plans.AN UNUSUAL INVITATION: A RICKSHAW DRIVER’S WHIMSICAL GESTURE TO PM MODi He’s invited none other than PM Narendra Modi to his housewarming bash on January 22, 2024. And no, it’s not for a quick rickshaw ride!

Written in Starstruck:

Imagine penning down an invitation to the Prime Minister and comparing him to a divine entity! Well, Mangal did just that. In his invitation, Mangal evoked all sorts of high praises, likening PM Modi to some celestial figure. If PM Modi ever dreamt of receiving a fan mail, this one surely tops the charts!

Mangal’s Tryst with the PM

From Streets to Statecraft:

Mangal isn’t just any rickshaw driver. Since 2018, he’s been knee-deep in PM Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission). And no, he didn’t just sweep things under the rug! Mangal genuinely believes in the power of a clean India, one rickshaw ride at a time.

Mangal Kejat, a rickshaw driver from Varanasi, seems to have an invitation list that might surprise many. Amongst the usual suspects of family, friends, and a few neighbors who didn’t RSVP, there’s a name that shines brighter than most: Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now, before you start imagining a rickshaw decked out in gold and velvet curtains for the occasion, let’s delve into the heartwarming (pun intended) story behind this unique invite.


Barefoot and Beyond:

Ah, the tales of transformation! Remember the fairy tales where the protagonist undergoes a massive makeover? Well, Mangal did just that. Post an eventful meeting with PM Modi in 2018, Mangal gave his slippers the boot and pledged allegiance to cleanliness. Now that’s what I call “sweeping” change!

The Grand Invitation

Rickshaw, Ramen, and Respect: The Core of the Invite

Mangal, not one to be subtle about his feelings, penned down an invitation to PM Modi for his housewarming bash on January 22, 2024. And no, it wasn’t just a casual scribble on the back of a rickshaw receipt. The man went all out, highlighting PM Modi’s god-like stature in his life. Well, who knew that driving a rickshaw could give you such high-profile acquaintances?

From Clean Streets to Clean Sheets: Their Shared Journey

The duo’s relationship isn’t as random as a cat playing the piano. Since 2018, Mangal has been on a cleanliness crusade with PM Modi. Remember those good old days when people thought picking up trash wasn’t cool? Well, Mangal and PM Modi disagreed. Their mutual love for clean streets blossomed into a bond so strong that it’s made of the same stuff as those superglue ads – unbreakable!

A Tale of Mutual Admiration

Cleaning Chronicles:

Mangal’s devotion to cleanliness isn’t a mere fad. He’s the unsung hero of Varanasi’s Rajghat bridge, ensuring that it shines brighter than a rickshaw headlight at midnight! His association with PM Modi isn’t just professional; it’s personal, a bond forged over brooms and bins.

Blessings Galore:

In the Kejat household, PM Modi isn’t just a political figure; he’s practically family! When Mangal’s daughter, Sakshi, tied the knot in 2020, PM Modi’s blessings arrived like a cherry on the wedding cake. I bet even the wedding DJ played a track or two in his honor!


The Invitation: More than Just a Paper

A Roof, Not Just Overhead:

Drawing parallels with the monumental Ram Temple `in Ayodhya, Mangal sees his humble abode as more than bricks and mortar. It’s a symbol of hope, dreams, and a whole lot of cleaning supplies! Inviting PM Modi isn’t just about housewarming; it’s about warming up a relationship built on trust, respect, and maybe a shared love for clean streets.

Party of the Year:

Now, if PM Modi does RSVP in the affirmative, Varanasi better brace itself for the party of the year! Imagine the rickshaws, the music, and perhaps even a dance-off between Mangal and the PM. Let’s just hope they don’t turn the venue into a Swachh Bharat promotional event. Or maybe they should?

Breaking Down the Symbolism

A Roof Over the Head: More Than Just Tiles and Tar

Mangal isn’t just excited about having a roof over his head; he’s practically on cloud nine. Drawing parallels with the grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Mangal’s housewarming is no less than a religious ceremony for him. If PM Modi shows up, it might just turn into the biggest party Varanasi has ever seen. Move over, Diwali; there’s a new festival in town!

A Celebration of Cleanliness: No Dust, Just Trust

Beyond the shiny floors and freshly painted walls, Mangal’s invitation is a testament to their shared values. It’s a celebration of every speck of dirt they’ve cleaned, every leaf they’ve swept, and every bin they’ve emptied. If that’s not a reason to party, I don’t know what is!

The Unseen Bond: A Deeper Connection

From Flip-flops to Freedom: A Lifestyle Makeover

Ah, the story of Mangal giving up slippers is almost as dramatic as Cinderella’s missing shoe. After being recognized by PM Modi in 2018, Mangal bid adieu to his beloved footwear and embraced a cleaner lifestyle. While it might seem like a small change to some, Mangal believes it’s his ticket to a VIP pass into PM Modi’s heart. Who needs a red carpet when you have bare feet and brooms, right?

Blessings Galore: When PM Modi Played Fairy Godmother

PM Modi didn’t stop at just appreciating Mangal’s efforts. He showered blessings during Mangal’s daughter, Sakshi’s wedding in 2020. Some might say it’s better than winning a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. And while Sakshi probably didn’t get a chocolate river, PM Modi’s blessings were just as sweet

Why the Grand Invitation?

Mangal’s grand gesture stems from genuine respect and admiration for PM Modi. Their shared passion for cleanliness, coupled with personal interactions, has blossomed into a unique friendship that deserves a party invite!

PM Modi’s RSVP:

As of now, the PM’s office hasn’t spilled the beans on his response. But given their history, it wouldn’t be surprising if PM Modi decides to drop by for some chai and samosas. After all, who can resist a heartfelt invitation and some quality rickshaw tales?

Why the Invite? It’s Not Just for the Free Snacks!

Mangal’s invitation isn’t about the fancy hors d’oeuvres or the promise of a dance floor. It’s about gratitude, respect, and a sprinkle of star-struck awe. If PM Modi shows up, it’s like getting the golden buzzer on a talent show – except the talent here is cleaning streets.

Will PM Modi Attend? Place Your Bets!

As for PM Modi’s RSVP, the suspense is thicker than grandma’s gravy. Given their history and mutual admiration, the odds might be in Mangal’s favor. But remember, it’s politics, not a reality show. So, keep those fingers crossed!


Mangal Kejat’s quirky invitation to PM Modi showcases a heartwarming bond between a citizen and a leader. Amidst the hustle and bustle of politics and rickshaw rides, it’s gestures like these that remind us of the human stories behind the headlines. So, here’s to Mangal, PM Modi, and the undying spirit of camaraderie, one rickshaw ride, and one invitation at a time!

In Conclusion: An Invite Worth More Than Gold

Mangal Kejat’s invitation to PM Modi’s housewarming isn’t your run-of-the-mill story. It’s a tale of two individuals from different walks of life, united by a common cause and shared values. While the glitz and glamour might be missing, the heart and soul are overflowing. So, whether or not PM Modi makes an appearance, one thing’s for sure: Mangal’s housewarming is already the talk of the town. And who knows, with a bit of luck and a whole lot of brooms, maybe PM Modi will be the surprise guest we didn’t know we needed!

Note: This article, while infused with humor and a touch of whimsy, aims to capture the essence of Mangal Kejat’s unique invitation to PM Modi. It celebrates the bond between a common man and a national leader, emphasizing the beauty of mutual respect and shared values.

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