The Incident Unfolds

Imagine this: KAPIL SHARMA AND HEART ATTACK PARATHA VENDOR: A CLASH IN JALANDHAR the king of comedy, strolling down the lanes of Model Town in Jalandhar, accompanied by his better half, Ginni Chatrath. They weren’t on a mission to crack jokes but to satiate their hunger. Little did they know they’d be served more drama than food when they bumped into Veer Davinder Singh, famously known for his artery-clogging ‘Heart Attack Parathas.’

Key Events Timeline

DateEvent Description
19 hours agoKapil Sharma lands in Model Town, Jalandhar
Same DayKapil dives into Veer Davinder Singh’s ‘Paratha’
Same DayKapil Sharma files a complaint against Veer Davinder Singh
Next DayJalandhar Police jumps in with an FIR against Veer
SubsequentVeer Davinder Singh claims he’s been roughed up by the police

The Allegations and the Law

Now, here’s where things get as twisted as a paratha roll. Kapil, not one to hold back, promptly filed a complaint against our beloved paratha vendor, Veer. The Jalandhar Police, always ready for some action, wasted no time in registering an FIR against Veer. But oh boy, the plot thickened! Veer Davinder Singh, not to be outdone, came back swinging, alleging that the Thana-6 police gave him a taste of their own version of ‘heart attack.’


A Breakdown of Allegations

Party InvolvedAllegations Made
Kapil SharmaClaims Veer’s parathas are not just fattening but fraudulent
Jalandhar PoliceFiles FIR against Veer for disobeying the Deputy Commissioner
Veer Davinder SinghClaims the police gave him a ‘heart attack’ of their own

Public Opinion and Repercussions

You know how they say, “When in doubt, take it to Twitter?” Well, the digital realm was buzzing with this spicy tale. While Kapil’s fans rooted for their favorite funnyman, others scratched their heads, wondering if this was all just a publicity stunt for a new comedy sketch. Jalandhar was abuzz, with some wanting justice, some wanting parathas, and others just waiting for the next episode of this drama.

The Paratha Chronicles

Picture this: Kapil Sharma, after binge-watching a viral video about Jalandhar’s legendary ‘Heart Attack Paratha’, decides he must taste it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to risk a heart attack for a paratha, right?

Now, enter Veer Davinder, the proud owner of this heart-stopping delight. Little did he know that serving this paratha to Kapil would become the talk of the town, for all the wrong reasons!


  • Kapil’s Culinary Adventure: A simple quest for a taste turned into a legal tussle.
  • Veer Davinder’s Accusation: The shop owner had more than just parathas on his plate.
  • The Twist with SHO Ajayab Singh: When law enforcement joins the masala mix.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

Let’s dive deeper, shall we? Kapil Sharma, known for his wit, found himself at a loss for words after sampling Veer’s ‘Heart Attack Parathas.’ One might say he had a change of heart—quite literally! Feeling that the paratha wasn’t just an attack on his taste buds but potentially on his health, Kapil decided to make a move. But let’s not forget, this isn’t a one-sided comedy roast. Veer Davinder Singh had his side of the paratha story, and it wasn’t all buttery goodness.

The Jalandhar Police, not ones to let a good complaint go to waste, jumped into action. With an FIR against Veer, the stakes were high, and the town was watching. But then, as if the paratha saga needed more layers, Veer Davinder Singh dropped a bombshell, claiming that the Thana-6 police had given him a taste of their own brand of ‘heart attack.’ Talk about turning the tables—or should we say, turning the tawa?


Background & Allegations

Kapil’s Culinary Quest

Our dear Kapil, accompanied by his wife Ginni Chatrath, made a special trip from Mumbai to Jalandhar. All for a paratha! No, not just any paratha, but the infamous ‘Heart Attack Paratha’. After tasting it, he might’ve had a heart full of flavors, but trouble was just around the corner.

Spicy Allegations & Counter-Masala

Hold onto your plates! Veer Davinder wasn’t just content with serving parathas. He stirred the pot by accusing SHO Ajayab Singh of not just enjoying the paratha but also allegedly assaulting him. Oh boy, this paratha had layers, and not just of butter!

To add more spice to the mix, Ajayab Singh shot back with allegations of his own. He claimed that Davinder’s late-night paratha parties disturbed the peace and hygiene of the neighborhood. Well, isn’t that a twist? From buttery goodness to messy allegations!

How did Kapil Sharma get involved with Veer Davinder Singh?

Kapil and his wife, Ginni Chatrath, ventured into Model Town in Jalandhar and crossed paths with Veer Davinder Singh, the infamous ‘Heart Attack Paratha’ vendor.

What actions were taken after Kapil Sharma’s complaint?

The Jalandhar Police swiftly filed an FIR against Veer Davinder Singh, accusing him of violating the Deputy Commissioner’s orders.

Were there any counter-allegations made by Veer Davinder Singh?

Yes, Veer Davinder Singh claimed that the Thana-6 police assaulted him, adding another layer of drama to the already spicy incident.

Why did Kapil Sharma visit Jalandhar?

Kapil Sharma visited Jalandhar to taste the ‘Heart Attack Paratha’ after watching a viral video

Who accused whom in this paratha saga?

Veer Davinder accused SHO Ajayab Singh of assault, while Ajayab Singh counter-accused Davinder of disturbing the peace.

Was the paratha worth the controversy?

Well, we’d all love a bite to judge, but for now, let’s just say it was the most talked-about paratha of the year!



Ah, Jalandhar, where the parathas are as controversial as the comedy! As Kapil Sharma and Veer Davinder Singh continue to battle it out, one thing’s for sure—the town won’t be running out of drama or parathas anytime soon. So, whether you’re Team Kapil or Team Paratha, buckle up! The show’s far from over, and who knows what flavor of drama will unfold next in this spicy tale from the heart of Punjab.

In the grand scheme of things, a simple paratha led Kapil Sharma and Veer Davinder down a path sprinkled with drama, allegations, and a generous helping of spicy twists. While the ‘Heart Attack Paratha’ remains a legend, this incident proves that sometimes, even the most innocent cravings can lead to unexpected adventures. As for SHO Ajayab Singh, well, he might just stick to regular meals from now on!

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